WITH EGEO CONNECT, switch to connected maintenance, view your interventions and your work in real time.

Thanks to EGEO CONNECT, your customer area is a management and decision-making tool for any maintenance and work on site:

  • We select for you the most competent technicians and those closest to the place of intervention, by technical lots and according to proximity criteria and quality rating (with a double EGEO assessment / customer reviews).
  • We geolocate the technicians in real time, follow their interventions with precision and trace any possible delay.
  • You get immediate KPIs and reports on the carried out interventions.
  • We assess the quality of the interventions together (double rating).
  • You have all the information in real time to manage the performance and schedules of your maintenance in multi-site mode.
  • We coordinate and plan preventive maintenance interventions together.
  • You can manage all your maintenance and work providers using the same tool!


WITH EGEO MOBILE, you intervene quickly on site and report your intervention in real time

Thanks to EGEO MOBILE, your mobile application simplifies your site interventions:

  • Receive notifications for our requests for quotes and interventions.
  • Submit your intervention orders and photos of your finalised site in real time.
  • Measure customer satisfaction through evaluation and identify possible quality defects.
  • Easily and quickly trigger billing and payment for your services.
  • Follow the status of your payments in real time.


With EGEO live you are connected to your buildings at all times and you receive measurements in real time

Thanks to EGEO LIVE, telemetry informs you live of the data collected on your sites:

  • Receive telemetry on key indicators of your buildings: temperature – hygrometry – air quality – movements, etc. and automatic alerts on thresholds or a combination of variables.
  • Optimise remote diagnostics, make the right decision to initiate or anticipate interventions.
  • Manage your equipment fleet: tele-measure the key variables in your building plans, consolidate and visualise the maintenance schedules of co-contractors, follow maintenance records, safety registers and accessibility registers in real time.